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The Great Canada Mortgage Team Advantage


In today’s competitive market there are many benefits to working with a mortgage professional. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the role of a mortgage professional and they are unaware of the potential benefits, and savings, of working with one.


1. Relationship

We strive to build strong relationships with each and every client. We will keep you up to date and informed throughout the entire life of your mortgage.


2. Representation

We will represent you and submit your application to the lenders..


3. Variety

By working with us we have the ability to shop with over 40 different lenders. This can be very beneficial as different lenders have different rates and products so we can find the mortgage that is best tailored to your needs.


4. No fees

We work on a contingency basis. We are not compensated until the mortgage loan closes. (Be aware: some mortgage brokers charge a non-refundable up-front application fee. We do not.)


5. Communication

We will maintain strong lines of communication and we will keep you up to date throughout the process of your deal. We will provide you with the answers to your questions.


“Building relationships that last a lifetime!”

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1 (877) 839-9424

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Great Canada Mortgage Solutions, 223 - 14 St. NW. Calgary, Alberta, T2N 1Z6 Canada 403-517-8670

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