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Calgary mortgage broker

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Company Profile

“Building relationships that last a lifetime.”

We believe that buying property should be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Let us help keep it that way by securing you the financing you need for all your property needs. From new homes and recreational property to investment property and commercial space- we’ve got the expertise to help you.

As a member of the Axiom Network, the Josh and Jelara Mortgage Team are backed by one of the strongest networks in the business. We’re also active members of the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals.

Beyond our stringent ethics and professional code of conducts we also practice what we call our “get from giving” approach. We believe that by providing all the info and advice we can to you while you’re looking for the right broker, we will earn your trust and therefore your business.

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1 (877) 839-9424

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Great Canada Mortgage Solutions, 223 - 14 St. NW. Calgary, Alberta, T2N 1Z6 Canada 403-517-8670

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